How to identify the gaps holding you back

Your strategy is in place, your product is great, and you have a steady stream of customers. But your numbers stay the same year after year. Why is your business not growing?

Several factors could be holding you back from phenomenal success. The challenge lies in finding out what they are. Good news is it doesn’t have to feel like finding a black cat in a coal mine. You can shed light on the state of your business by using the Diagnostic Tool I developed.

Read on to find out how it will help you to improve sales and retain customers.

The Diagnostic Tool

The Diagnostic Tool is an online assessment that looks at your business through a set of five lenses. These five lenses are what I call ‘the forces at play’. They are the areas that impact growth.

Whether you need to crystalise your thinking, clarify your purpose, or create alignment across your business, the Diagnostic Tool will identify the gaps holding you back.

Let’s take a closer look at the five lenses.

5 Lenses of Business

At We Explain Stuff, we’re all about creating clarity for our clients. And this is what the Diagnostic Tool will do for you. By asking the right questions, it identifies the areas that need your attention based on these five lenses:


Purpose is the heart of your business. Everything else flows from here. Is your purpose clearly defined?


When your product or service aligns with your purpose, you’ll attract the right customers. By acquiring new customers, you can increase your sales and grow your profit margins. Do you understand your customers’ needs and pain points?


It’s not just about selling to the right customers. You want to turn first-time buyers into loyal ambassadors. Do you have an onboarding process for your customers? Is it working?


By consistently producing high-quality products or services, your customers will know what to expect. This approach builds trust and loyalty. Do you have proper systems in place?


Give your staff opportunities to learn. If learning is part of your company culture, you’ll get to pick the cream of the crop. And keep them too. Do you focus on team improvement?

You will benefit from the Diagnostic Tool if:

  • Business growth has slowed down.
  • Your strategy is unclear.
  • Your sales and marketing teams are misaligned.
  • Customers don’t understand your product or service.
  • Your sales team doesn’t understand your product or service.
Every business wants to grow by 15-25% annually BUT when it comes to your strategy, only 40% of managers get it and 10% of staff get it.

What some of our clients say

“The test brought home certain elements (or lack thereof) in a succinct manner. The questions were straightforward, and I could understand the reasoning behind them. The functionality of a tool like this is far-reaching.” Marinda

“It made me realise that while everyone in our team is heading in the same direction, our GPS co-ordinates are not the same. All of us use a different language to describe our company’s vision. And nothing sticks because it’s not strong enough.” Guiliana

Take the test

We offer a free and quick introduction to our Diagnostic Tool to give you an idea of the state of your business.

Complete it on your own or get the whole team involved.


Find out more

If you’d like to find out more we offer a 30 min discover call.

Based on the outcome, we problem-solve with you to create a way forward that empowers you and your staff.

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About Garth Jemmett

Garth Jemmett is the founder of We Explain Stuff. He helps business leaders escape complexity by making strategies, processes, products and services easy to understand.

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