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New book on how to break free from complexity

Are you caught up in the complexities of running your business? Has growth hit a wall and you can’t find the ladder to climb over? Are you spinning around in circles, too dizzy to see the way forward? I’ve been there. And so have many of my clients. Drawing on 18 years of experience in building my own business, and helping my clients build theirs, I decided to write a book that will help you identify the gaps in your business and how to fix them. Faster than you think!

About the book

I Don’t Need Another Inspirational Quote, I Need Coffee is a disruptively simple book that explains how business works. The 30-minute read guides you through the five lenses of business – Purpose, Acquire, Retain, Produce, and Learn – helping you to identify the areas that need your attention. It’s jampacked with powerful principles you can apply to your business immediately.

What you’ll learn

Through a relatable story that illustrates the highs and lows of running a business, you will learn:

  • How to see your business through the five lenses.
  • The root cause of what is holding you back from phenomenal success.
  • How to identify the areas where your team lacks understanding.
  • How to create alignment across your business.

The Diagnostic Tool

As a bonus, you get access to the Diagnostic Tool I’ve developed to help my clients identify the gaps in their business. The online assessment looks at your business through the five lenses, giving you clarity on the areas impacting your growth.

Here’s what some readers have to say

“A book that resonates closely with my experience of running my own SME, but also working closely with many others as an accountant. A practical and easy read that gives you insight into everyday challenges and guides you to figure out the solution.” Magdel Hougaard, Professional Accountant (SA)

“This book is for all entrepreneurs – the hesitant starters, those riding a wave of success and those nearly at their wits’ end. There is something in here for all of us no matter where we are on our entrepreneurial journey.” Karabo Ramookho, Entrepreneur

“Garth’s creative, yet simple approach enables entrepreneurs and business leaders to quickly identify where they have deviated from their purpose and lost that end-to-end alignment across the business – from back office to front office. This is a highly enjoyable and relatable read.” Stephen Green, Head of Sales

Final thoughts

Several of my clients have already expressed interest in running workshops based on the principles in I Don’t Need Another Inspiration Quote, I Need Coffee. It’s the start of something I hope will be a game changer for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and sales and marketing teams. Watch this space!

You can purchase a limited printed edition of the book from We Explain Stuff or get the e-book from Amazon.

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About Garth Jemmett

Garth Jemmett is the founder of We Explain Stuff. He helps business leaders escape complexity by making strategies, processes, products and services easy to understand.

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