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Is complexity holding you back from phenomenal success? In I Don’t Need Another Inspirational Quote, I Need Coffee, Garth Jemmett untangles the complexities of running a business to help entrepreneurs and leaders who have lost their way refocus on what really matters. Succinct and visually engaging, the book guides you through the five lenses of business, helping you to identify the areas that need your attention.

of leaders know their staff struggle to understand their business

of leaders know which parts of the business their staff struggle to understand

We live in a world of information overload with comprehension levels at an all-time low. For companies, this causes a major gap between understanding and execution. The result? Stunted growth.

I Don’t Need Another Inspirational Quote, I Need Coffee is a disruptively simple book that explains how business works. Whether you’re a marketing manager, a CEO or an entrepreneur trying to get everyone at work on the same page, this book will create the context and clarity you need to impact growth.

What you’ll learn from this book

Through a relatable story that illustrates the highs and lows of running a business, you will learn:

  • How to see your business through five lenses
    – Purpose, Acquire, Retain, Produce and Learn
  • The root cause of what is holding you back
  • Where your team lacks understanding
  • How to create alignment across your business

See your business through a different lens


The Book

Uses storytelling to explain the complexities of running a business and how to escape them.


The Diagnostic Tool

Identifies the areas of your business that are causing complexity and impacting your growth.


The Strategy Workshop

Maps out your business in a way that’s easy to understand,
so everyone gets it.

About the Author

Garth is the founder and owner of We Explain Stuff. For the past 18 years, he has used storytelling, visual thinking and data analysis to help businesses bridge communication gaps. Through his Strategy Workshops, he solves the kind of problems that keep leaders and entrepreneurs awake at night. Just ask his clients. They’re great sleepers.

Reviews by people like you

“Garth's creative, yet simple approach enables entrepreneurs and business leaders to quickly identify where they have deviated from their purpose and lost that end-to-end alignment across the business - from back office to front office. This is a highly enjoyable and relatable read.”
Stephan Green
Head of Sales
“With over 30 years in business, Garth uses his extraordinary storytelling abilities to walk you on a journey where you ponder your own entrepreneurial experience. He helps you to identify the root causes of your business problem and why things don't seem to stick as well as you would like.”
Susan Turton Botha
Industrial Psychologist
"There is purity in simplicity. This book is a keen reminder to slow it down and focus on the fundamentals, today, tomorrow and next week. A must read!
Celeste Thomas
Head of Marketing
“This disruptively simple book is a definitive how-to-guide for business owners in how to avoid paying 'school fees' by aligning their operations to the five lenses of sustainable business practice.”
Andisa Ntsubane
Head of Marketing
“This book is for all entrepreneurs - the hesitant starters, those riding a wave of success and those nearly at their wits' end. There is something in here for all of us no matter where we are on the entrepreneurial journey.”
Karabo Ramookho

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