Digital Transformation

How digital can transform your business

Digital transformation is all about future-proofing your business by adopting digital technology across the board. It can radically change the way you engage with both internal and external customers.

4 areas of digital transformation

Business processes

Relook the collaboration between people, processes and applications to better leverage skills development opportunities and data for your team.

Business model

Identify new possibilities in your business model by using technology to drive revenue and improve the customer experience.

Business domain

Business domain transformation happens when a business successfully moves into another area because of its data, knowledge, and IT infrastructure.


Deliver a better customer experience by getting the entire organisation on the same page. And yes, the same system too.

Successful examples of digital transformation

Improved the user experience

Ikea improved their user experience by purchasing TaskRabbit, making it easier for customers who purchase IKEA furniture to hire hands to help them assemble their furniture.

Encouraged self-service

Subway sandwiches revamped their stores to fit self-service kiosks, which allow their customers to click and collect orders through their new Subway app.

Helped focus the marketing message

Hasbro’s digital transformation strategy involved analysing existing customer data. The insights into buying behaviour helped them tailor messaging across digital channels.

Saved time and improved mobility

With improvements in security and technology, many banks now offer customers virtual cards. These virtual cards enable customers to save time and shop securely from wherever they are.

Improved the ease of doing business

As early adopters of both Apple’s biometric fingerprint scanner tech and Alexa’s voice recognition software, Capital One made doing business simpler for its customers on their app.

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