4 Reasons clients don’t understand

The 4 most common communication mistakes

As a business leader, explaining why people should choose your product or service can be difficult. These four common mistakes below can blur your message and confuse your salespeople.

Corporate speak

We live in a time poor digital age where people prefer videos and infographics over long-winded text. Why? It’s easier for them to consume info on the go. Therefore, your value offering should slot seamlessly into your customers’ daily lives. If you pepper it with industry jargon, you’ll fail to win them over. Leaders often overuse buzzwords and corporate language; salespeople then mimic this. The result? Confused customers who move on to competitors who explain their value offering simply and quickly.

Your message

A business needs to make a profit. We all get that. But far too often businesses see a gap in the market and formulate a business plan. Then they go to market with a message that is unclear and overly complex. Leaders think because “we understand it” the target market will just have to work harder to interpret the messaging, then they’ll buy in. But this is untrue.

Your offering

You focus more on the products you offer rather than the problems they solve. Few brands understand this better than Apple, who knows that technology intimidates most people. Their products are popular because they’re so easy to use. Address your customers’ needs by framing product features around their frustrations.

Your research

60% of businesses don’t do market research to better understand how their product of service works for customers. If your offerings aren’t relevant, you won’t get the desired response. This will create endless frustrations for your teams who are trying to sell the product or service. Customers need to understand the value you offer. When you do the research, you can attract new customers, grow your business and create a h3 brand.

What to do about it

Step back and identify the problem. Our quick and easy diagnostic questionnaire will help with this. Read more about it here.

Make sure you can convey your message simply, so it fits on one page. Need help? Book a strategy workshop.

Turn your message into a short video. It’s hands down the most powerful way to explain what you do.

The benefits to you

  • It forces you to explain yourself simply
  • It frees you from personally explaining the message
  • You can use it for staff inductions
  • You can share it across multiple channels
  • You can build other collateral around it, like cheat sheets and presentations
  • Videos drive traffic to your website

How can we help?

We create the space for leaders to unpack strategy in our strategy workshops or communication sessions. We help you simplify your message, so everyone gets it. then we make it easy to share with your team and customers.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more we offer a 30 min discover call.

Based on the outcome, we problem-solve with you to create a way forward that empowers you and your staff.

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Garth Jemmett is the founder of We Explain Stuff. He helps business leaders escape complexity by making strategies, processes, products and services easy to understand.

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