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Business is tough at the best of times — but nothing ruins your culture quite like a lack of alignment. Misalignment happens when everyone operates as individuals instead of synergistically as a team. And it’s a challenge I come across time after time when working with clients in companies big and small.

How does this happen? The general trend is that people get so caught up in doing their own thing that no-one bothers to take a step back and see if everyone is on the same page. Statistics reveal that only 10% of businesses can execute their strategy successfully. And leaders waste 47% of their time on non-core activities.

When this is left unchecked or people simply keep their heads down and keep working, misalignment starts to creep in. This results in people having breakdowns and resigning. But there’s hope — and it’s simpler than you think. So, keep reading.

Your business, essentially, can be divided into three parts: the front office, middle office, and back office. If you map out each part of your business and share this with your team at a high level — don’t get lost in the details — you will get them to move in the same direction. 

Let’s take a closer look at each part.

1. Front Office

Your Front Office represents the sales and marketing side of your business. This is all about how you get customers and keep them. Map out your value proposition, your target market and where to find them, and how your sales and marketing should work together to drive sales. If your product is unclear, you can’t sell.

Warning signs:

  • Slower sales cycle
  • Less sales
  • Wrong customers
  • Weak value proposition
  • Inability to cross-sell
  • High customer churn rate

2. Middle Office

The Middle Office is the heart of your business — your purpose, basically. Everything you do as a business should be based on your purpose. Map out your vision, mission, values, strategy, and reason for existing. If your purpose is unclear, you can’t differentiate yourself from competitors.

Warning signs:

  • Confusing messaging
  • Generic/unclear strategies
  • Unattractive business
  • Lack of structure

3. Back Office

The Back Office houses your operations — functions like finance, delivery systems, data analysis, and automation. Make sure your team understands their roles and responsibilities. If your processes are unclear, you can’t deliver your product or service.

Warning signs:

  • Frustrated staff
  • Staff attrition
  • Poor customer experience
  • Poor quality product/service
  • Personalities rule
  • Struggling to measure results

In conclusion

If your team understands how these three parts of the business work together, it will go far in getting everyone on the same page. 

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