6 Reasons why you need a vision


Technology has made our lives very convenient. No time to watch your favourite show during the week? No problem, you can binge all six episodes on Sunday. Need to do research for a project? Google will give tons of information in seconds.


While tech has made it easier to do business — hello, automation! — it’s also made it easier to overlook something as important as having a vision. Because when your team is achieving results, why waste time crafting a clear vision that everyone understands? The thing is — a vision does matter. And, it needs to be clear. Clear enough that a ten-year-old gets it. 


Your company’s vision is like a compass that guides you in the right direction. You see, having goals are great, but without a vision to support them, they provide little more than hope. When you combine your goals with a vision, you can go from where you are — stuck in one place — to where you want to be. Keep reading to find out why your company absolutely needs a vision.



What is a vision?

A vision is a statement that expresses the current and future objectives of an organisation. It should be a clear description of what your business will be in five to ten years from now — and it should align with your goals and aspirations.  

Crafting a clear vision that everyone understands is hard work. So, let’s look at what a vision IS and what it’s NOT.


A vision is…

  • A statement that is aimed at the future
  • Big-picture thinking and ambitious
  • Clear about your direction
  • A reflection of your company’s values
  • An inspiration to customers and staff


A vision is not…

  • Confusing
  • Too wordy (beware of trying to say everything)
  • An internal measure of success that looks at profits or market share
  • Based on the company’s current state
  • Vague



Why a vision matters

I love this quote from Forbes: “If you want your employees all pulling together towards a shared vision, you have to make certain that they know what they are pulling for.” And yet, statistics reveal that 69% of staff don’t understand their company’s vision. Because it’s hard to get it right! It’s worth trying, though. This is what a good vision statement can do for your business:


1. Inspire staff and keep them focused

Having a clear vision is a fantastic way to unite your team. And, like a compass, it will ensure everyone moves in the same direction.

2. Encourage commitment

A shared vision gets people on board — and you need everyone’s buy-in to get where you want to go in the next five to 10 years. 

3. Connect with customers in niche markets

When you’re clear about your company’s vision, you’ll connect with customers who share your values — a sure-fire way to get them invested in your products or services.

4. Help leaders and their teams make better decisions

A vision gives leaders and teams a clear idea of where the business is heading. Armed with this knowledge, they can make better decisions.    

5. Attract top talent

Young job seekers want their jobs to have a purpose. A great vision statement — that aligns with their values — is a good start. And when someone is the perfect fit for your company, they are more likely to stay.

6. Attract the right investors

A clear vision shows investors you know where you want to go, fostering trust and reassurance.


Once you’ve formulated a clear vision, tailor the pitch to your audience — staff and customers — and regularly communicate your progress. Continue to share it and ask for feedback.



How we help

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