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By getting your story straight.

Clients we've worked with

Business gap analysis

Learn how to improve sales and retain customers by identifying the communication gaps in your business.

What We Do

Help You Increase Sales

We create a clear picture of what you offer and why customers should spend their money with you.

Help You Retain Customers

We get staff to understand the story of your business, so they can make your brand promise real.

How We Do It


We take the time to understand your problem, your content, and your needs.


We simplify the content and strategise how to communicate it.


We package the message in a smart, simple and visually engaging way.

Tools We Use

Strategy Workshops

All our thinking starts here. Using powerful game-storming tools we help you simplify...


A one-page summary of your product or process. Ideal for getting viewers’ attention...


A more immersive way for staff and customers to learn about the details of your business.


The most engaging medium for explaining product, process or business information...

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About Us

We Explain Stuff is a communications consultancy started by Garth Jemmett. Our mission is to help leaders in business escape complexity by making their strategies, processes, products and services easy to understand.